Welcome to the Rice Badminton Club!

The club promotes the sport of badminton within the Rice community by combining the human resources and skills attached to the Rice community and the excellent infrastructure of the Rice Recreational Center provided by the Rice campus. The club provides an environment for different players to meet, play, and learn from each other. The players are from all levels, ages, and backgrounds. Both Rice and non-Rice members are welcome to join. The club is a registered recreational sport club with the Rice students association. The club has weekly singles and doubles practices on campus. Moreover, tournaments are also organized within the club and with other clubs in Houston.

How to become a member

Rice University members need to complete a form at the beginning of each academic year. Non-Rice University members also need to complete this form, and they must pay a $5 fee per visit to Recreation Center. Non-Rice members also have to ask a Rice Rec Center member to sign them in.
First timers are welcome to contact Daniel Du (dd13@rice.edu). In the correspondence, please fill [RBC membership application] in the subject. Otherwise, your email address may not be added to our email list.

Please note that we are no longer accepting non-Rice applicants.

Practices schedule for Fall 2012

Monday: 5pm to 8pm at East gym
Thursday: 5pm to 8pm at East gym
Saturday: 3pm to 6pm at Gibbs recreation centre
See the map.

We usually play longer than these allotted slots -- and we may start a little behind at times.

How to play

See the map to find out where the buildings are and where to park. The club provides racquets and nylon shuttles; when the practice takes place at Gibbs recreation centre, you must check out the racquets and shuttles from the reception desk. The club provides some feather shuttles, but players interested in using exclusively feather shuttles are expected to also bring their own.


President: Daniel Du, dudthu06@gmail.com
Vice-President: Tzu-Lin Sun, ts14@rice.edu
Treasurer: Yu-Jiun Lin, csjiuun@gmail.com
Faculty sponsor: Rajind Mendis, rajind@rice.edu

Current Activity

To see an updated list of club activities, please visit http://ricebadminton.wordpress.com


Badminton supplies and stringing in Houston

SportsNet International, Metro Bank Dynasty Plaza, 9600 Bellaire Blvd. Suite 137, Houston, TX 77036. http://www.sportsnetonline.net

Other clubs in Houston

Visit http://houstonbadmintonclub.org/